Customers & Suppliers

Customers & Suppliers

Doing Business with Tesoro


Tesoro is committed to providing our wide range of customers with reliable product supply that meets local clean fuel requirements, consistent product quality and outstanding customer service.

Our Marketing organization sells refined petroleum products through three core channels:

  • Retail: We offer transportation fuels and convenience products to consumers through our retail marketing system, which consists of approximately 3,000 retail stations, under multiple well-known fuel brands, including ARCO®, SuperAmerica®, Shell®, Exxon®, Mobil®, Conoco®, Tesoro®, USA Gasoline™ and Giant®.
  • Wholesale: Through our wholesale channel, we sell gasoline and diesel fuels to independent marketers, commercial end-users, unbranded dealers and high-volume retailers from more than 100 company-owned or company-operated and third-party terminals across the western United States.
  • Commercial: Tesoro’s commercial sales consist of two major segments: jet fuels and heavy fuels for the aviation and marine industries. In addition, our Commercial Group sells other finished products, including asphalt, petroleum and calcined coke, and fuel oils. Tesoro’s Commercial Group also handles the acquisition, trading and sale of crude oil and feedstocks, including the supply for our six refineries.


Tesoro engages with a range of suppliers and contractors to support our business operations, and we aim to facilitate easy and efficient information exchange for them.

Tesoro expects our suppliers, contractors and business partners to be familiar with our Code of Business Conduct and to support effective compliance programs within their own organizations. Specifically, we expect our suppliers to comply with all labor laws, including laws against child labor, forced labor and human trafficking, and require them to verify that the materials incorporated into their products are manufactured in compliance with all such laws. We do not conduct business with any suppliers found to be in violation of these laws.