Branded Retail Portfolio

Tesoro’s retail-marketing system includes more than 2,500 retail stations in 16 states under the ARCO®, Shell®, Exxon®, Mobil® USA Gasoline™, Rebel™ and Tesoro® brands. These stations are supplied with California Air Resources Board (CARB) and conventional gasoline and CARB and conventional diesel fuels produced at our six refineries.

Brand Rights

Tesoro wholly owns the Tesoro, ARCO and USA Gasoline brands. Through acquisitions and partnerships, we have secured limited rights to utilize the Shell, Exxon and Mobil brands at retail stations in specific geographic areas.

Tesoro’s Branded Retail Portfolio by State

  • Alaska – Tesoro, USA Gasoline
  • Arizona – Shell, ARCO
  • California – Shell, ARCO, USA Gasoline
  • Colorado – Shell, USA Gasoline
  • Idaho – Tesoro, Shell, USA Gasoline
  • Iowa – Shell
  • Minnesota –  Tesoro, Shell, Exxon, Mobil
  • Nevada – Tesoro, Shell, ARCO, Rebel, USA Gasoline
  • New Mexico – USA Gasoline
  • North Dakota – Shell, Tesoro
  • Oregon – Tesoro, Shell, USA Gasoline
  • South Dakota – Tesoro, Shell
  • Utah – Tesoro, Shell, USA Gasoline
  • Washington – Tesoro, USA Gasoline
  • Wisconsin – Shell
  • Wyoming – Tesoro, Shell, USA Gasoline