Wholesale Branding

Wholesale Branding

Branded Marketing Opportunities

Tesoro’s portfolio of brands drives your success. We deliver hard-hitting programs aimed squarely at building your business. When you team up with Tesoro, you can count on responsive service focused on your needs, aggressive conversion assistance and incentive programs, flexible co-op programs, and effective loyalty programs to power your business – all underscored by familiar brands that fuel consumer confidence.

Our Commitment to Branded Marketers

We provide a range of valuable support programs, including:

  • Creative and appealing point-of-sale materials that support promotions,
  • Advertising dollars for your local campaigns,
  • Established, quality vendor relationships,
  • Tesoro rewards programs that recognize marketers and their employees, and
  • Tie-ins to Tesoro media campaigns and local promotions.

In addition, Tesoro offers support programs that help offset the cost of upgrading, converting and constructing branded locations. These include:

  • The Tesoro New Construction, Raze/Rebuild Incentive Program,
  • The Tesoro Major Modification Incentive Program,
  • The Tesoro Competitive Conversion Incentive Program,
  • The Tesoro Equipment Assistance Program, and
  • The Tesoro Card Reader Incentive Program.

Tesoro’s ongoing support and lasting commitment to our marketers sets us apart and makes our portfolio of brands the one that goes the distance.