Avon Wharf Grand Reopening

Avon Wharf Grand Reopening

The following content was originally published in the Tesoro Martinez Community Newsletter. Read more articles hereTesoro Martinez Community Newsletter – Summer 2017

New Upgrades Reflect Tesoro’s Hard Work and Commitment to Seismic Safety

After years of planning, construction, permits and design changes, the Avon Wharf is new and improved and back to being fully operational. You may remember in the Winter 2016 issue, we wrote about the many permits that were needed to bring this wharf into compliance with the new seismic requirements—called MOTEMS (Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards)— before the State Lands Commission would renew our lease.

Well, on April 20, a grand reopening was held. With the help of numerous local politicians and executives from Tesoro (including Keith Casey, EVP, Marketing and Commercial) and dozens of other dignitaries, the ribbon was ceremoniously cut. Under the morning sunshine, and with the backdrop of Mount Diablo on one side and the gleaming Delta in front, Tom Lu, the Tesoro Martinez Refinery Manager, welcomed the crowd and talked about the more than 1 million work hours that went into making this a successful project.

Visitors were transported by bus on the brand-new roadway—which was widened considerably (specifically to allow emergency vehicles access to the wharf)—to an area just short of the berth. But all could clearly see the new equipment that has been installed.

What wasn’t as visible was the new safety technology that allows quick shut-off of any pipes should there be an earthquake. In fact, the new shut-off valves are capable of closing within 30 seconds to minimize spills to the water and/or wetlands.

Also visible was the brand-new control room—a two-story facility that includes a small kitchen, bathrooms and state-of-the-art monitors for those who call it “home” when a ship is at berth loading product. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but to those who work out there, more than a mile from the shoreline, it’s a huge improvement.

Believe it or not, this project was finished ahead of the target date of completion—not something that happens often. It’s a tribute to the great planning, organization and collaboration of those who upgraded the Avon Wharf and made it a facility others will envy and we can enjoy.