Safeguarding Employees Daily

Safeguarding Employees Daily

“Every minute of every hour of every day, Tesoro employees are committed to
executing their jobs safely,” says Tom Lu, Manager of the Tesoro Martinez Refinery. “Working without injuries is central to what we call a ‘Great Day’ at our facility. Being recognized by industry leaders for our safety performance is icing on the cake and
speaks to the dedication of our workforce.”

The Martinez Refinery is among a select group of facilities to win an award from the
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) for its safety performance in 2015. This achievement is a clear reflection of our company’s core value of safety.

The award came during a ceremony at AFPM’s National Occupational and Process Safety Conference in San Antonio on May 18. This organization represents more than 400 U.S. refining and petrochemicalmanufacturing companies.

“The safety of our employees and people in the surrounding communities is paramount to
every AFPM member company, and I would like to thank the winners for continuing to exceed the high standards our industries have set for themselves,” remarked Tesoro CEO and AFPM Chairman Greg Goff at the event.

FYI: The Martinez Refinery received AFPM’s Meritorious Safety Performance Award, which, among other criteria, requires an employee total recordable incidence rate (TRIR) of 0.6 or less for the calendar year. The refinery also received the Award for Safety Achievement – Hours and the Award for Safety Achievement – Years. To receive
the Award for Safety Achievement – Hours, sites must log 1 million or more employee hours over any given period without a DART (Days Away from work, Restricted, or Transfer) case for an employee, or a workplace-related fatality involving an employee or nonemployee. The Award for Safety Achievement – Years requires recipients
to work one or more years without a DART case for an employee, or a workplace-related fatality involving an employee or nonemployee.

“Receiving industry awards reinforces our efforts to operate safely,” says Lu. “But we don’t do it for the awards. We do it for our families and our communities. Part of why we all work is to enjoy our interests and passions outside of work—and staying safe is a huge part of that.”


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