Tesoro is dedicated to operating in a socially responsible manner, and we believe this is essential to creating shared value that benefits our shareholders, our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate. Our Core Values are reflected in the way we run our business, with commitment to safety, the environment, integrity and respect.

Our People:

Our success is directly tied to our ability to attract, hire, develop, promote and retain a talented and diverse workforce – one with unique backgrounds, skills and experiences. We encourage employees to take an active role in their own career growth and support them with training and development opportunities, including our educational assistance program. We also equip employees to actively manage their own health through a growing wellness program. Our employees have the opportunity—and the responsibility—to share their diverse experiences, ideas and viewpoints, and to make a difference in all levels of the organization as well as in the communities where we operate.

Our Communities

Through strategic partnerships at the corporate and local levels, employees and the Company contribute time and financial resources to many significant causes focused on education, the environment and community vitality.

Health and Safety:

We are committed to operating our facilities in a manner that promotes the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities. We continually work to identify and implement process safety improvements throughout our operations and to provide robust emergency response training, including special training for our first responders at each refinery.


Consistent with our commitment to protecting the environment, we focus on improving energy and process efficiencies, reducing waste, lowering emissions through efforts such as lessening flaring activity, and sustaining the natural ecosystems in which we do business. We also regularly conduct extensive spill response drills as part of our concentration on prevention.

We strive for continuous improvement in all these areas. To this end, we actively promote a culture of accountability that is integral to being a trusted and valued business partner, a good corporate citizen and a high-performing company.