2016 Social Responsibility Report

2016 Social Responsibility Report

2016 Social Responsibility Report

In 2016, we made progress on our commitments to our people and communities, with our drive to create a safe, incident-free workplace, and to continually improve our environmental performance. Follow the links below or the left menu to navigate this year’s online report and read more about our 2016 performance and activity.



  • Maintained personal safety performance, surpassing the Company’s continuous improvement target
  • 22% reduction in process safety incidents, remaining in top quartile of industry


  • Invested $12.3 million in community organizations and local schools
  • 17,000 hours and $1.4 million in employee contributions to community organizations and local schools


  • 17% reduction in air emissions from our facilities since 2014
  • 36% reduction in environmental incidents (see Environmental Continuous Improvement chart below for further detail)
  • An overall 5% decrease in refinery water consumption as a result of efforts at our Los Angeles Refinery
  • A decrease of 33% in nonhazardous waste and of 43% in hazardous waste compared to 2014


  • 8% increase in minority employees in an executive or senior officer role
  • 30% of total supply spending with diverse and small businesses*
  • 10% increase in the number of employees participating in our educational assistance program

             *Does not include feedstock or marine charters

An increase or decrease indicated in the summary bullets above, unless otherwise noted, is a comparison of our 2016 performance to our 2015 performance.

Continuous Improvement

As part of our business plan, we set ambitious targets to improve our safety and environmental performance. In 2016, we exceeded all our performance targets and set equally ambitious targets for 2017.