Excavators & Farmers

Excavators & Farmers

Excavators & Farmers

From excavators working in urban areas to America’s farmers and ranchers, it is important that proper excavation practices near pipeline areas are followed in order to reduce the possibility of damage to persons and property. Accidentally striking a pipeline can lead to serious injury or death, making it critical for individuals involved in excavation activities to “Call before you dig” to the state One-Call Center or 811.

Activities that require a One-Call consist of any use of equipment to penetrate the ground (soil, concrete, asphalt, etc.). Examples of these activities include – but are not limited to – the following below surface uses of equipment:

  • Excavators: Horizontal boring, trenching, sewer clean cut, landscaping, sprinkler installation, fence installation
  • Farmers: Deep plowing, chisel plowing, post hole digging, deep ripping, soil sampling, leveling, maintainer use, trenching.

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