Local Government Officials

Local Government Officials

Local Government Officials

It is crucial to coordinate with pipeline operators to take the location of pipelines into consideration in land use plans, zoning, and property development activities. Please consider these critical issues:

  • Developments can make use of pipeline easements as open spaces and greenway connectors.
  • Pipeline depth is a crucial consideration during development planning to ensure costs for lowering or relocation are identified.
  • Changes to the topography on either side of the pipeline may impose unacceptable stresses on the pipeline.

The Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA) has developed recommended practices to help in making decisions about what, where and how to build safely near transmission pipelines. The decisions you make can impact the safety of the community surrounding the pipeline.

  • Have you consulted with the pipeline operator?
  • Have you considered access for pipeline maintenance and emergency response?
  • Is enhanced fire protection needed?
  • How will excavation damage to the pipeline be prevented?

Click on the link for more information about PIPA.

Click on the link for information on how to locate an existing pipeline.

Tesoro Logistics is a strong partner and a good neighbor in the communities where we do business. We are committed stewards of the environment, with a strong safety record – and a proven track record of operating facilities in environmentally sensitive areas. Tesoro Logistics would like to coordinate in the development of site plans where large numbers of people congregate, including schools, churches, etc.