While accidents pertaining to pipeline facilities are rare, awareness of the location of the pipeline, the potential hazards and what to do if a leak occurs can help minimize the number of accidents.

This is especially important at schools, and Tesoro Logistics is dedicated to educating and assisting school officials in identifying pipeline locations, as well as helping build pipeline emergency preparedness and response activities into your existing school safety plans.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Become familiar with the pipelines and pipeline facilities in the area (marker signs, fence signs at gated entrances, etc.) Do you know where pipelines are located? Click here to learn how.

2. Record the operator name, contact information and any pipeline information from nearby marker/facility signs and keep in a permanent location in the main office; also include the information in your school’s emergency response plan. Click on the link for Tesoro Logistics emergency contact information.

3. If you notice any unusual or suspicious activities or unauthorized excavations taking place within or near the pipeline right-of-way or pipeline facility, please call the pipeline operator at the number listed on the pipeline marker; or call 911.

4. Can you recognize a pipeline leak? Click here for detection tips.

5. What are some do’s and don’ts if a leak should occur? Click here to find out.

6. Call before you dig. It’s the law! Click here to learn more if your school is planning any excavation activity.