Supplier Information Forms

Supplier Information Forms

Supplier Forms

IRS Form 1099-Misc Information

Tesoro will issue IRS Form 1099-Misc to reportable suppliers each year. If you have questions concerning your 1099-Misc Form, or have not received a 1099-Misc form for goods and services sold to Tesoro, please direct inquiries to:


Business Service Center

Phone Numbers

(877) TSO-PAYS
(877) 876-7297
(210) 579-4574 Fax

IRS Form W9 – Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Federal statute requires that we obtain your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN), employer identification number (EIN), or social security number (SSN). The Federal Form W-9 is used to collect this necessary information. If your company is a sole-proprietorship and you are providing a social security number, be sure to give the owner’s name associated with the number provided. Please complete the W9 form and e-mail to or fax the completed form to (210) 579-4575.

EFT Enrollment Form

An Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment is a form of electronic funds transfer that provides a secure, efficient method of receiving payment. To receive remittance detail via e-mail, the EFT form must be completed and include the e-mail address. For more information on EFT, refer to the Payments Methods page. To sign up for EFT, complete the EFT Enrollment Form and e-mail to or fax the completed form to (210) 579-4575. If you have any questions while completing this form, please contact our Business Service Center at (866) 876-2455 or send an e-mail to

Supplier Information Updates

Updates or additions to supplier information (for example, address or bank details) can be submitted via e-mail to or faxed to (210) 579-4575. Requests must be submitted from a valid domain name by e-mail or by letter from a postal or delivery service. Letters sent via postal or delivery service must use the vendor’s company letterhead.