Supplier Registration & Ariba Invoicing

Supplier Registration & Ariba Invoicing

Supplier Registration & Ariba Invoicing

Supplier Registration Process

Tesoro utilizes Ariba® Network to register potential supplier inquiries. Registration is simple, easy and there is no cost to suppliers. Click here to register. If you are a current supplier to Tesoro, you do not need to complete the registration process. Click here to login and access or update your current profile.

Potential New Suppliers

Register to have your firm considered for potential future work with Tesoro. Tesoro, at its sole option, may use the information you provide as part of the registration process in future sourcing activities.

Registration does not constitute a commitment to any level of business with Tesoro. We will be in touch only if there are opportunities to meet our business needs, and at our sole option. No contact means that there are no opportunities for products or services in your category at this time.

NOTE: If you have previously registered in Ariba Network, do not register again. Click here to login.

Ariba Invoicing

Tesoro has chosen to use Ariba Invoicing solution as its platform for processing invoices from suppliers. Tesoro will communicate to your organization if you have been identified for the program and will work with you to enable your organization on the Network.

To begin transacting on the Ariba Network, you are required to accept the Trading Relationship Request (TRR), which will be sent by Ariba. By accepting the Trading Relationship with Tesoro on your Ariba Account, you are agreeing with Tesoro to abide by Tesoro’s electronic transactions terms listed here.