Summary Plan Descriptions of Benefits

Tesoro is committed to providing highly competitive benefits to all our employees.

The following Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) provide participants with a condensed, simplified explanation of the complete official governing document(s) and/or insurance contracts. The SPD does not replace the official plan documents or insurance contracts/policies that govern the plans’ provisions. In the event of a discrepancy, the terms of the official plan documents will prevail.

While the SPD includes summaries of the health and welfare and financial benefit plans, the contents of the SPD may not address all benefits in detail.

You may download and print hard copies of any of the SPDs below. You may also request a hard copy of a particular SPD by contacting the Tesoro Employee Service Center at 866-688-5465.

2017 Tesoro Benefits at a Glance
Tesoro Adoption Assistance Plan
Tesoro Business Travel Accident Insurance Plan
Tesoro Dental Plan
Tesoro Educational Assistance Plan
Tesoro Flexible Spending Accounts
Tesoro Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan
Tesoro Group Life Insurance Plan
Tesoro Group Long Term Disability Plan
Tesoro Group Universal Life Insurance Plan
Tesoro Local Medical Plan Supplement
Tesoro Medical Plan
Tesoro MetLaw Legal Plan
Tesoro Occupational Accidental Death Plan
Tesoro Paid Sick Leave Program
Tesoro Post-Retirement Medical Plan
Tesoro Post-Retirement Local Health Plans – HMO PPO Supplement SPD
Tesoro Retirement Plan
Tesoro Short Term Disability Plan
Tesoro Short Term Disability Plan for Specified Employees
Tesoro Thrift Plan
Tesoro Vacation Summary
Tesoro Vision Plan